Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Feeling better today.

Stopped at Starbucks this morning for a latte'.


Also put on a dress.

Dresses always help.

I feel really blessed with supportive & understanding friends.

Ellie - thanks for letting me cry in front of you for literally one solid hour.

Jodie - thanks for the hug before work started yesterday.

Paige, thank you for handwritten card in the mail (do you have ESP?).

Suzi, thanks for the talk after work.

Jenna, thanks for lending a listening ear when all I wanted to do was cry.

Jay, thanks for your unconditional support and understanding. How did I get so lucky?

Jordan, thanks for the impromptu visit & giggles last night - you always know how to brighten my day.

Kristi - thanks for the texts ... I LOVE YOU!

Angee - I always appreciate your perspective - you always understand JUST how I'm feeling.

Thank you to all my friends on FB who sent me such sweet messages - I felt so lifted.

Is this started to sound like an acceptance speech?


I am one lucky girl.

My counselor once told me - "We get back from relationships, what we put in."

Well I must be one great friend because you guys are AMAZING!


Today is a new day, and I'm getting my crown fixed today - so I have laughing gas in my near future.

And let's be honest, THAT is something to look forward to!


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jordan said...

You are so sweet. You are a great friend and I am blessed to know you. I am even luckier to live next door to you! Love you so much.