Friday, October 22, 2010

Student QOTD

I really need to start a column called Student Quote of the Day.

These kids seriously crack me up.

Here are a few examples from this week ...


"Mrs. Stookey, when I'm thinking, my thirst is bothering me from my work."


Me (to student A): Stop picking your nose & go wash your hands.
Student A (not bothered AT ALL that I said that in front of the class): OK
Student B: Huh, that's weird.
Me: What?
Student B: He's not embarrassed at all.
Me: Dude, my thoughts exactly!


Student: Mrs. Stookey, I was born in South Carolina. When I was little we drove all the way here to Washington State to move.
Me: Oh wow, that's a long drive.
Student: I know - but we stopped for food.


Same student as above, about 5 minutes later ...
Student: Can you believe we drove that far?
Me: No, it's crazy.
Student: We drove all the way across - even across Montana.
Me: That's cool, you drove across the great plains huh?!?
Student: No, we drove a car.

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jordan said...

um. hello?? did you write this for me? yes, you need to have a quote of the day/week post.... quote of the hour post if you want to make me really happy.