Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Stuff That Fits

I thought I'd engage in some retail therapy before my dentist appointment yesterday.

I tried on a ton of tops and dresses, but nothing seemed to work.

Everything was either too small, or too big and dumpy looking.

So I did what ever rational woman would do ...

I migrated myself to the purse and shoes section!

Because let's be honest.

Shoes, purses, books, home goods, bedding ...


Unfortunately, I found a purse I loved, about 10 minutes too late.

By the time I got in the check-out line, it was 4:50, and my appointment was at 5:00.

So again, I did what every sane woman does ...

I HID the purse.

I really thought about my strategy.

I didn't want to hide it with uglier purses (thinking less people would go to that section), because the beauty of "my" purse would stick out, attracting FLOCKS of women to leap like ravenous tiger at my bag.

I also didn't want to hide it in a random section (say the SOCK aisle, if you will), because again, it would stick out.

You see, I already considered this bag my prized possession and I needed to hide it to the best of my abilities.

I had to think quick since my appointment was a speedy 10 minutes away.

I decided to hide it with the other black purses, but I put it in the back of the rack, and turned it around, so the boring back-side was exposed.


Such a genius move!

So I hid the purse, then scrambled to my dentist appointment.

Throughout the entire appointment, I thought a lot of random thoughts (thanks to the laughing gas) ... but I mainly obsessed about the dang purse.

I was living on the boarder of "I hid that thing good" and "Someone BETTER not find it!"

It was insanity, I tell ya.

Anyway, long story long :) I drove back to TJ Maxx after my appointment, and ended up purchasing the purse (yippee!), a mirror for our entryway (I can't WAIT to show it to you!) and some socks.

You know, the important stuff.

The stuff that fits.

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Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

There are few greater feelings than hiding something and coming back and seeing it still there! I think it was my older sister who taught me this when I was kid. Can't wait to see the bag!