Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why We're Perfect For Each Other

Walking into church on Sunday ...

Me: Seriously, I am so hungry, I could eat my right fist.

Jay: You should probably just start with your fingers. The entire fist might be too aggressive.

Me: Good call. I like it.

Jay: Now that I think about it - you should start with your pinky. It's not as integral as your other fingers.

Me: Why do you say that? The pinky is PLENTY important.

Jay: I just think you use your pinky less when you type.

Me: Well in that case, I'm switching to my left hand, because I MUST have my right one for the RETURN key.

Jay: Oh yah, I didn't think about that. Good call.


Victoria said...

I love you and your MR. and I can see why you both are so well suited. God Bless you both! Hugs. XO

marisabutterworth said...

love you guys! i totally agree with you and eating your left hand first. i may or may not be typing with my left hand to test your theory and it may or may not be a real bitch! :)