Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Girly Day

I keep thinking about blogging ... but I don't.

You could say I went on a short hiatus from blogging.

Mainly because I had nothing profound to say.

And whenever I DID have something to say, I couldn't think of a clever way of writing it.

I had Blogger's Block.

I'm pretty sure Blogger's Block is written up in the DSM ... right?!?

At any rate, I still have nothing profound to say ... but thought I'd share something with you.

I spent all day yesterday feeling VERY ungirly.

Long-sleeved t-shirt under a t-shirt and jeans.

Usually it's my 'uniform' ... but I just wasn't feelin' it yesterday.

So I thought I'd make up for it today.

I bought this cute striped dress at Target yesterday and threw it over a pair of jeans.

Choosing sleep over washing my hair, I threw it in a pony tail.

Feeling WAY to close to ungirly again, I put a cute bobby pin in my hair.

It's one of the super fancy pins I wore in my hair on my wedding day.
For The Record: If you ever see me wearing one of these clips, I'm trying to be girly, OK?!?

When feeling ungirly ... it's a sure bet to Girlyness-Land by wearing something from your wedding.


On a NON-related note ... I've lost 14 pounds with Weight Watchers so far!

This has nothing to do with my post ... I just thought I'd publicly congratulate myself on my own blog. :)

Happy Girly Day Lisa!


Shawna said...

You look very girly....and skinny! I know what you mean about ungirly days. I have been having one everyday for 2 weeks. I get my hair done tomorrow, so that should help.

Diane Davis said...

without trash tv and your blog, i've been missing our connections. i'm super impressed with your WW success... you are a rock star... in a very girly way, of course.

Lisa said...

Shawna, I TOTALLY know what you mean about the hair. Nothing worse.

I got my eyebrows waxed yesterday and that helped too!

Diane ... MISS YOU TOO!!!! What show shall we watch together next?

marisabutterworth said...

OK. Two things! No - three things.
1) I almost bought that dress at Target in Navy/Gray and thought it looked cute over jeans. I need to take a few more pounds off first though.
2) Your weight loss is AMAZING! SO cool. I'm glad you are doing WW.
3) YOU ARE FUNNY. I laughed out loud while reading your blog.

Carlee Avery said...

#1 Ok - so you can ALWAYS wear your TIERA from your wedding too...right? And sparkles in your hair?

#2 Love LOVE your necklace - that ones a good one to wear when needing to feel girly...


#3 As I looked at your picture your face looks totally skinny - it just looks so sleek and slender. Way to go on loosin' the lb's friend! Lookin' fine!

Lisa said...

marisa ... it helps to motivate each other! you do that for me! you are amazing girl! i also bought the dress in orange/cream stripes because i couldn't decide and i'm trying to add more color to my black wardrobe. :0


Kelly M said...

Oh lisa, I think you always look pretty! And you make me wish I'd gotten something special for my hair for our wedding...but the veil would be too much for me to wear to work.

Faith said...

You DO look very skinny! I didn't lose anything with WW. Boo for me. Yea for you! :)

Eve said...

14 lbs is awesome Lisa, way to go! You are beautiful always.

Anonymous said...

Can I copy the first half of your blog and post it on mine? ;-) It so much describes the last few weeks. But there is a slight chance that I am coming out of it.

Lisa said...

yes! feel free. xoxo