Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Buddy

Happy 5th Birthday Cooper!

You love staring at me while making your eyebrows go up and down.
When you do that, I yell "Eyebrows!"
You have no idea what I'm saying but you love it.

You love your "babies" somethin' fierce.
You lick them clean, and carry them around the house gently in your mouth.
You always bring one into the car with you when we go places together.

You love being wherever I am.
When I garden, you lay in the sun and keep tabs on my where-abouts.
Also, you eat grass ... and usually get in trouble for it.

You have the laziest "sit" I've ever seen in a dog.
I call it your "tripod" sit.
I wouldn't change a THING about it.

You have seen me through some very dark times.
You make my life happier.
You bring me joy.
You remind me of the simple things.
I smile when I think about your unconditional love.

I love you angel face.


Suzi said...

That is the most bestest posting I've ever seen! :)

Eve said...

I can't believe he is 5! I remember when you got that little black bundle of love.

I love what you said Lisa - I feel the same way about my labs.