Sunday, March 29, 2009

NW Women's Show

Eastside Women Of Purpose was lucky enough to have a booth donated to us (from Balloon Splendor) at the Northwest Women's Show this weekend.

We all took turns on 4-hour shifts. We raised money & awareness for women and children who have been sold into the sex trade industry, specifically in Southeast Asia.

We talked about our Tee Of Against Trafficking golf tournament and sold Freedom Stones for Leah.

Here are some VERY journalist pictures from my day with Carlee and Amy.

This is a picture of Carlee & I talking to some clients. Please noticed that Carlee is in mid-word and I am doing NOTHING. I'm just standing there with bad posture and even worse hair. More on the hair to come.
Amy and I took a break and walked around the show for a while. I met this crazy woman who insisted on flat-ironing my hair with a flat iron that was $300. What a deal.

She told me her ENTIRE life story.

Let's me honest though ... I didn't really care.

I was willing to listen.

She was playing with my hair.

And it was very relaxing.

The wrinkles around my eyes drive me NUTS in this picture.

Amy kept taking my picture and telling me how much I NEEDED the $300 flat-iron ... in front of the girl who was trying to sell it to me.

Coincidentally ... she was the recipient of this nasty look ...

This is me.

This picture is painfully wrong on MANY levels.

Allow me to explain:
  1. I have a gyro in one hand & ice cream in the other. Let me remind you I'm doing Weight Watchers. I've got a WHOLE LOT of "points" in my hands right now.
  2. I'm only chewing food on one side of my mouth due to my bad tooth that still needs to be fixed. Again. I look like a chipmunk. I'm saving some gyro meat for later, I guess.
  3. My legs are unnaturally far apart. Why? I wonder the same thing. Why?
  4. My hair is either a. STICK STRAIGHT or b. SUPER CURLY and there is NO in between. All thanks to my flat-ironing saleslady. I had to walk around the show looking like this ALL DAY. I get many looks. MANY.

We had so much fun. I can't wait til next year girls!



Sheri Siemering said...

Can I tell you that you look super skinny?

Anonymous said...

a) I don't see any lines around your eyes
b) You have FABulous hair, straight or curly
C) You look like you could use a few more "points." What are you--115?

Enjoy your first week as a fiance!!

Terri said...

OMGosh when you are my age you will be loving this picture when you only had 2 little lines.... just wait for the worry lines and the upper lip lines.... love your blog...

Amy Cheng said...

Aaaahahaha. I will laugh EVERY time I think of you getting your hair done by that lady. I love it. Sooo much fun making fun of you! :) But it was SUCH a good deal. Can't believe you didn't buy it. hehe.