Thursday, March 26, 2009


Joey walked into class yesterday with an Obama hat on.

I instantly emailed his mom asking if I could take a picture of him and post it on my blog.

Because seriously ... this kid's got GREAT fashion sense (and choice of political party).

Mom gave the approval and Joey showed up with this white-colored version of the hat today.
When I asked Joey where he got it, here was his response:

Me: Where did you get that cool hat?
Joey: Oh, I got it at a hat store.
Me: Where is the hat store? Like Woodinville or something?
Joey: Well, do you know where McDonald's is?
Me: Sure (you know, because surely I know of the McDonald's he's referring to).
Joey: Well, if you go to McDonald's and then out of McDonald's, it's across the road in the hat shop. You can walk in and there are a lot of hat's and you just pick one. You can get one too.
Me: That's awesome. Which McDonald's are you talking about?
Joey: The one with the big-play toy.
Me: Hmm ... I feel like ALL McDonald's have play toys.
Joey: No. This one has a BIG play toy with a slide and a tube you can crawl through.

Ah ... I see.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me, Lisa, not all McD's have play toys, and some play toys are way cooler than other play toys. Walk around with a cabbage patch doll all day and pretend she's really cranky and really particular and YOU try to find the McD's that will make her happiest longest!