Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What IS That Thing?

Only in the Pacific Northwest:

People driving around with their sunroofs open and their tops down on their convertibles ...

... when it's 48˚.

I was one of them today.

The sunroof.

Not the convertible. :)

On a related topic, I actually heard this - this morning on the news:

"Traffic on I-90 is slowing down as the sun rises over the Seattle skyline."

Only in the Pacific Northwest:

Traffic gets congested due to the brightly-shining ball in the sky.

I think it's called the sun.

But I'm not quite sure.

Only in the Pacific Northwest:

Children come out of church (while burying their faces in their mom's neck) on a sunny Sunday and say, "MOM! I need my sunglasses!"

Today was beautiful.

Thank you Jesus.

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