Friday, November 19, 2010

Water/Coffee Goal

I'm a self-professed terrible water drinker.

However, I make up for it in the area of Coffee Drinking.

I'm quite skilled actually.

Some may be jealous.

When I was doing Weight Watchers* I actually had to make a Water-Drinking Goal. Or perhaps it would better be titled as a Stop-Drinking-Coffee Goal.

I made it a point every day to be done drinking my coffee by the time my students went out for morning recess.

So basically I would chug down as must coffee as possible (which is actually difficult to do since you know, teaching involves talking, and talking is VERY difficult to do with a mouth filled with liquid glory).

The much-anticipated 10:30 recess bell would ring, and that was my signal to switch to water for the rest of the day.

I know, sad.

So, you can imagine my splendor of happiness when I quit WW (yah, I'm a quitter - but I accepted that about myself a long time ago when I dropped out of my Master's program) and the Stop-Drinking-Coffee Goal was null & void.

I DID however put limitations on my coffee intake by modifying the Stop-Drinking-Coffee Goal. I pushed back the 10:30 limit to 11:15.


11:15 is the time my students to go lunch.

So basically, I'd drink coffee all morning, and then will myself to ONLY bring my water bottle with me to the cafeteria.

There are days I falter and bring my coffee, but for the most part, I stay true to my goal.

All this being said, here is reason #1 that I love 1/2-days of school.

I may shock you by saying that reason #1 is NOT the conferences.

I'll give you a minute to absorb that one.

The #1 reason is (insert drum-roll) ...

I push the Stop-Drinking-Coffee Goal back to 12:20 on 1/2-days!

12:20 is the time the students get excused to go home ...

And the moment I switch to water.

Happy Drinking my friends!

What goals do you give yourself?

*Note: I'm still a member, but apparently I'm 'taking a break' from a lifestyle of healthy eating


Suzi said...

You are a riot. It all makes perfect sense to me. :)

Kelly M said...

Friend, you inspired me to have coffee this morning! Mmmm!

Becky G. said...

I love the picture in your post, how do I get it? I would love to send it to my mom!

angie on maui said...

This post makes me laugh! I am terrible about drinking water myself (and I'm sipping on coffee as I type this - ha!). It's funny, after all the "experts" have told us about the health benefits of drinking water, I still find it difficult to bring myself to do it - coffee and sugar and cream are so much more fun! :)

Yay for 1/2 days! Cheers! ;)