Monday, December 8, 2008

africa pictures

these are all out of order, but at least you have some pictures to look at now!

this is natalie with the home's newest baby. timba is 10 weeks old. he is adorable and when he smiles his entire face lights up.
jodie with hannah clinging on for dear life. hannah loves to be hold and cries when you put her down. she is extremely thin, but healthy.

this is the bathtub at the orphanage ... each baby has their own hook and wash cloth. me, with the indian ocean reflected in my sunglasses.
doozie, showing us his muscles.

these are the 6th grade kids we taught at paddington camp over the weekend. so happy and grateful and full of love and hardship.

jodie and i ... stepping off the plane in south africa after 29 hours of traveling.

the entire mission team at 4:30am getting ready to drive down to the airport.

we spent the day in the orphanage today. the children's stories are heartbreaking. i particularly fell in love with a little boy that has a beautiful scar on his face. when i asked about it, they told me it was from frost bite. he was found in a freezer, left to die. local witchcraft believes that if you freeze babies, their body parts can me used for medicinal purposes. he was found before he froze to death thanks to a tip to the police.
i haven't quite comprehended and processed everything i've seen yet. i'm sure it will take quite a bit of time.
i'm much too tired to think about it right now. we start a 3-day camp tomorrow for 5th and 6th grade students, then we have one day off before we head home.
i am humbled and forever changed by south africa.
love and miss you all (but not homesick, sorry)... xoxo

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