Friday, December 19, 2008

December Freeze 2008

Seattlelites turn into crazy people when it snows.

News coverage is out of control. Regular television shows are postponed so local news stations can keep everyone up-to-date on the latest snowy, chaotic news.

My favorite part is that news stations 'name' each storm.

This particular storm is called December Freeze 2008.

Lovin' it.

However, scary things often happen too. Most people aren't used to driving in snowy, icy conditions and they remain over-confident in their driving and tend to take dangerous chances.

Here is what I-5 through downtown Seattle, over Denny St. looks like right now.

Stay safe everyone!


Eve said...

Too funny Lisa, I just posted this on my blog. Bill sent me a picture that he took of this on his way to work today.

Jonathan said...

It's so true. K and I had to go out on the roads yesterday to get supplies for my family's arrival tomorrow, and the poor Seattle drivers weren't having a good day at all.

I think we need to name the storms with people names, the way other cities name hurricanes. It will save time.