Tuesday, December 9, 2008


today was the day that all mission teams face sooner or later ... exhaustion.

we are all exhausted.

we spent a wonderful day ministering to the 6th grade kids. songs, skits, bible message, testimony, memory verse, games, and crafts.

90 kids.

9:00 - 3:00.

one 20 minutes break to inhale lunch.

i didn't even take a break to go to the bathroom.

when we got back to the orphanage, it was the first time my body was still long enough all day to even realize i had to go.

and THIS is why they call it mission work people.

so rewarding ... so fulfilling ... so tiring.

it is 7:30 and i can barely keep my eyes open.

yearning for a shower and bed.

we continue to hear amazing stories of triumph and hardship. the children of Cato Manor are brave, scared, hopeful, positive, and challenged. they face a life that we can't even think of. i look into their eyes and see their hope for a bright future. they face rape, murder, drugs, alcohol, and robbery ... yet they have passion in their eyes.

passion for MORE.

DO more.

BE more.

LIVE more.

and they will have to face unimaginable obstacles to get there.

i continue to be grateful and humbled to be in their presence. lucky to spend my days in south africa with these fine young boy and girls.

we spent about an hour this afternoon with the babies at the orphanage. this is the easy part. they are loving and needy of love. the second you walk into the home, you have 4 at your feet begging to be picked up.

we had a quick de-briefing about our day, prayer time together as a group, quick dinner and now we are back home with our host families.

i will be taking a shower and going to bed right away.

we are getting picked up (they say we are 'getting fetched') at 7:15.

tomorrow awaits another fun day with the 5th and 6th graders.

i think of you all at home so often. but i'm staying present and so unbelievably lucky to be here. i only have been home sick for about 1 hour since being here, and that's because i had a stomach ache and badly wanted my own bed & jay's comfort. :)

our trip is going by so quickly. the days fly by and all the days run into one.

but i'm taking each moment as it comes, and trying to soak it all up.


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