Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am here and safe in Durban, South Africa.

More details to come ... just updating you all that we made it.

Getting ready for our first camp. Will be at the beach for the next 3 days with 70 kids.

Flights were long but fun.

LOVE our host family.

They are amazing.

1/2 our group got 'sidetracked' in the orphanage ... imagine that.

Love you all talk to you in a few days.

Africa is amazing.

Amazing doesn't discribe it well enough.

I am in love with the country and it's people.

I am blessed.

Love you.


Diane Davis said...

it doesn't take long for it to get under your skin, does it?

glad you are there and safe.

i am mindful of you and jodie and the team.

Eve said...

It's so good to hear that your safe and to feel your excitement!!