Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good-Bye Washington, Hello South Africa

It is not humanly possible to be more nervous & excited then I am right now.

My stomach is in a BAD way (nice way of saying it).

I've almost puked once.

I've cried WELL over 7 times today.

Please keep our team in your prayers.

I'm off to pack up last-minute items.

Love you all.



Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath, Lisa. You'll do GREAT. The experience will be really different from anything you've had before---and in some ways, I'm betting it will seem really comfortable and familiar. And just think---by this time next month, you will think world travel is old hat!! :-)

much love,

jpbeme said...

Hi Lisa. Stumbled across your blog through pastor Mike's blog. Jonathan and I are in a men's group together and I wanted to let you know our group is praying for all of you. God bless!

Diane Davis said...

i'll be mindful of you like crazy. just be your open and wonderful self... expend and soak up all you can. come home changed, and tell us all about it. through your stories, we'll be changed too.