Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Eye For Beauty

When I grow up (even though she's 10 years younger then me) ... I want to have the photography skills that Kinsey has. Her eye for seeing beauty in everything is awe-inspiring to me.

Kinsey was on our South Africa trip and took all the pictures for us.

Check out these pictures of animals and give Kinsey a call for your photography needs!

She's awesome!

Buffalo ...

Warthog ... isn't it HUGE!

I begged Kinsey to get a picture of an elephant but it was getting dark. She said, "this was the best I could do." I say, "I think it's perfect!"


Kinsey Meredith said...

you are too kind!
i had so much fun with you...
and your pictures are great too!

Terri said...

oh and you came home to this weather.....bbrrr! bundle up and welcome home!