Tuesday, February 23, 2010

100 Bucks

Yesterday was the 100th day of school.

We celebrated with all kinds of 100's fun.

My favorite activity is a writing assignment where the kids talk about a variety of 100 things.

My favorite question is ...

If I had 100 dollars, I would buy ...
  • lots of movies (lots of moovees)
  • Iphone (I fon)
  • two bunnies
  • a house on the water (a haws on teh wotr) - because why WOULDN'T you!?!
  • nothing, I would save it until I have 1 million dollars - smart boy
  • toy video games, ipod and a laptop - really stretching his money here
  • a helicopter (a helucoptr) - WHAT UP big bawler!?!
  • a dog (a bog)
  • 100 shoes (100 shos) - I'd hate to see shoes that each cost $1
  • a quad (acwode) - the adventurist
  • a house (a huse) - do you mean a shack?!?
  • an xbox game and a kitten
  • 100 soccer balls (100 sokrbos)
  • a house with my family - he told me his house will be as big as our classroom
  • dress up and make up (jresup and mackup) - adorable
And my personal favorite because it's so stinking sweet ...

A dog, a vase for my mom and a tie for my dad.


Anonymous said...

Love hearing what the kids say. You are such a great teacher, and I love how you find joy in every day things. Hugs XO Victoria

Nicole said...

super cute!

Aly said...

Aww! Those are so precious!!! :)