Friday, February 26, 2010


Let's be honest.

I couldn't make this up if I tried ...

I help my kids through the lunch line every day.

They get their hot meal, and then I help them make healthy choices (read: vegetables & fruit).

I was helping one of my students through the line today and THIS is the conversation that followed:

Me: Hi sweetie ... what can I get you today?
Student: (pause) Um ... (pause) ... (thinking) ... (staring at the broccoli & cauliflower) ...
Me: What can I get you darlin?
Student: Um ... (thinking) ... (processing) ... (trying to find the words) ... green trees and white trees.
Me: Huh?
Student: Green trees and white trees
Me: (Um yah, I heard ya, but now I'M PROCESSING) ... do you mean these (I point to the broccoli & cauliflower)?
Student: Yah.
Me: Honey, do you know what these are called?
Student: Yes.
Me: What?
Student: TREES!

And really ... how do you respond to that?!?


Amy Cheng said...

Hahaha. My kids actually call them trees too! heh.

Amy Cheng said...

Oh...actually...Noah has grown out of it. I just asked him what that picture was and he said "broccoli" all straight faced and annoyed. haha.