Friday, February 5, 2010

Degrees Of Cleanliness

Lisa (brushing my teeth): It sucks that my sink gets way dirtier then yours does. When I wash my face, my makeup kinda stains my sink.

Jay: I've noticed that when I've cleaned.

Lisa: Do you mean every time you clean? Since I never clean.

Jay: Yes, but I was being nice.

Long Pause.

Lisa: Does it suck that I can live in so much filth?

Jay: Yes. But I'm not much better. I just think I get to a point where I can stand it anymore ... but your "point" is waaaaaaaaaay further off then mine.

Lisa: Yah, I know. Sorry about that.

Long Pause.

Jay: I think there would have to be a dead animal laying in our house with flies hovering over it in order for you to notice that the house needs to be cleaned.

Lisa: Easy.

Jay: I'm being serious - I'm thinking either a dead animal on the floor or poop in your sink.

And thus ends a shining example of a Stookey conversation early in the morning.

Mature much!?!


Kelly M said...

This is AWESOME! And the opposite of McPherson land where Jonathan says he has "dirt blindness" and just cannot see that things are dirty. Maybe you have dirt blindness too, Lisa. It's probably a real thing.

Lisa said...

Kelly ... I don't doubt it.

Maybe Jonathan and I can start a support group.

marisabutterworth said...

Just letting you know that I laughed really hard while reading this :)

Anonymous said...

I laughed while reading this too. I would never have pegged you for having "dirt blindness" should we start a foundation for all of you "better halves" who have this disorder? Hmmmm Jason could be the founding member.. I once went on a strike in cleaning his bathroom. I had to bring in a HAZMAT crew!!! LOL! Love ya Lisa. Tell Jay I've felt his pain. :) Hugs, Victoria

Nicole said...

oh he is so sweet! you guys are too funny