Thursday, February 25, 2010


This is my view at my desk.

Well, aside from the perspective because my face usually isn't this close to the keyboard.

But it was 2 weeks ago.

I briefly fell asleep at my desk after school.

Anyway, I regress.

So ... do you see a problem with this view?

I'll tell you.

The DAMN Hershey Kisses.

That's what.

I can't stop eating them.

And if I'm being honest - I don't really want to stop.

Yesterday I popped my first kiss into my mouth around 10:30 am.


Today, I'm happy to report my first kiss was consumed at 12:15 PM.

I've made it to the PM's!

And that my friends, is called PROGRESS.


Kelly M said...

It's their fault for starting to make them in so many flavors! Who can resist the caramel or coconut? Nobody. I had one hershey's kiss at a baby shower on Sunday and thought it was absolutely delicious. It is a good thing we don't buy them. You are also in the fortunate position of being a favorite teacher so I'm sure people give you treats all the time to show their love! Way to hold out past noon!

Jonathan said...

You are stronger than I. I cannot have visible chocolate in my field of view, or I *will* eat it.

I hide it in my drawer.