Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Seven Year-Old's Advice

Student: Mrs. Stookey, has Mr. Stookey ever taught you in P.E. before?

Me: No, he hasn't.

Student: Hmm ...

Me: Do you think he should?

Student: Yes.

Me: Why?

Student: Because I think you might not be very good at sports, and he could teach you.


REAL nice kid.


Nicole said...

oh man! that made me laugh out loud. They sure do tell you the truth dont they? I'm sure you are just fine at sports. :)

One time only did I wear a skirt to teach preschool and this boy asked me "Miss Nicole? Are you wearing underwear?" And another time I was told I was too fat to swing. LOL. not nice

Kelly M said...

This is awesome. I want Mr. Stookey to teach me about sports! We can all have "class" together. :-)

marisabutterworth said...

ha ha ha! that's hilarious!