Monday, March 1, 2010

Circa 1980

If you know Jay, you know he has a t-shirt or hoodie for every sporting event possible.

So it also wouldn't surprise you that he'd have a shirt appropriate for the USA vs. Canada hockey game yesterday.

What may surprise you is that this gem (read: crew cut) is circa 1980.

Not really - but I'd like to think so.

I made him put on his game face for this picture.

Please note unmade bed.

I'm not gonna lie or put up any pretenses.

We never make our bed.



mrsmouthy said...

For the US vs. Switzerland game Vincenzo wore a shirt with the Swiss flag underneat a shirt with the American flag. It was not quite as effective.

"Lucky" said...

I cannot say we NEVER make our bed, but we RARELY do (Ben will if we know company may come through to look at the house or our bathroom remodel).