Monday, March 8, 2010

I Teach Bill Gates' Kid

When the kids turn their weekly reading sheets in, they get the chance to have a special lunch date with me.

Today, there were a few of us eating lunch and the kids started talking about their dads.

How old they were, where they worked, etc.

One of the kids said, "My dad invented his own company."

I was interested!

"Oh really!?! What did he invent?"

She said, "It's called Microsoft. It has to do with computers."

I couldn't resist.

"Really? He INVENTED it!?!"

And with a stone-cold, earnest face, she replied, "Yep."


Who knew!?!

I wonder if I can get a discount?


Anonymous said...

Lisa, if you need some MS software, ASK ME! I can get it at the company store for friends and family at a deeeeeep discount (ie: $40 for Office 2007). :-)


Kinsey Meredith Piscitelli said...

Lisa, lol, is her last name 'Gates'?

b.t.w. What an ADORABLE picture of Cooper.

Casey said...