Sunday, March 7, 2010

In The Shadow Of The Space Needle

We had dinner with our good friends Roger & Mary last night.

Roger and Mary live in Sitka, Alaska and we try to visit them every-other summer.

They recently bought a condo in the shadow of the space needle.

Enjoy these pictures from their BACK DECK!

(excuse the quality - we forgot our camera so these pictures are taken with my cell phone)

Unbelievably beautiful.

They have a view of the space needle from their back deck
and a view of Lake Union from the front.

We had such a great time catching up.

We enjoyed wine & cheese appetizers (my favorite) at their place,
then walked to a sports bar and I ordered the most adorable Kobe Beef Sliders.
Yes, Mary made me take a picture.

The soccer ball plate was an added bonus.
Not expected but highly appreciated.

We are so happy to have you two in town!


Jessie said...

IT looks lie you went to SPORT bar and grill? Is this true? I live in lower Queen Anne! SOOOO beautiful!

akmarigold said...

Lisa & Jay-
What a JOY it was to be with you and your folks last night. I'm SO excited to have a place here and even more excited to have ready-made awesome friends close by. Next time, I'm gettin' those sliders!
Love you!