Saturday, March 6, 2010

Public Humiliation

I would NEVER want to be famous (and I use this term loosely in this case).

Perhaps "in the public eye" is more appropriate.

I'm terribly afraid I'd have a lapse in judgement and wear something like this:

And then someone might cut & paste my picture onto their blog and publicly humiliate me.


Turtle necks went out of style 20 years ago Jake!

Bonus points for non-pleated slacks.

Bonus point retracted for pants being too tight & too short.

Oh, more bonus point retracted for cell phone belt attachment and USING cell phone belt attachment.


Nicole said...


today I get my fashion points rejected because my pants are too short and too tight... but its laundry day ok?

Jonathan said...

When I bought a new cell phone last year, Kelly gave me only two rules. One of them was "no belt attachments." :-) She's really saved me from the fashion faux pas!