Friday, March 19, 2010

Work Antics

Our school secretary emailed us today to ask if there were any classroom supplies we needed, to get us through the rest of the school year before she put the supply order in. That was a long sentence.

One of our teachers emailed back saying he could really use more glue sticks.

I replied back to him, "I have 2,678,014,576,558 glue sticks in my room if you'd like some. I might be able to spare a few."

That's two trillion, six hundred seventy-eight billion, fourteen million, five hundred seventy-six thousand, five hundred fifty-eight by the way.

I got no response back, but when I got back to my room from lunch ...

this is what greeted me:

The biggest box EVER taking up my entire desk!

And a note inside that said, "Glue sticks please."

Oh ... he thought I wouldn't play along.

But who is a better joker then me?

No one!

So I swiftly delivered this to his room (I balanced it on my head - it was impressive to see - trust me) ...

Ask and you shall receive my friend.

Ask and you shall receive.


Ashley said...

I need markers... do you have any of those? Colored pencils would help too!

Suzi said...

That is awesome.

Nicole said...

holy cow.. no kidding!