Thursday, September 9, 2010

Love My Boy

I am totally preoccupied today.

There is something wrong with Cooper.

He has been limping.

This morning he stretched to down-dog, whimpered, and fell down.

He is favoring his right leg and doing his best to keep weight off his left leg.

He's all I can think about.

I MUST focus today.

I have NO IDEA how you mother's with human babies do it.

We see the vet at 6:45 tonight.

Please pray for something easy like a pulled muscle or something.

He's been as his daddy's house for 2 weeks and plays pretty rough with their dog ... like a bear, they like to stand on their hind legs and bat each other with their front legs.

Maybe he feel over and hurt his hip?!?

I have no idea.

Hard to speculate because I wasn't there.

But I don't like what I see.

My worst-case-scenario us FREAKING ME OUT.

Prayers for my sweet boy.

Love him like a son.

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jackie said...

Really nice blog. Sweet.