Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweats & Tomatoes

Let me start this post by saying I am fully aware of how good I have it.

I am married to the perfect man for me.

I am fully spoiled.

Fully taken care of.

Fully loved.

With that being said.

I have something totally irritating funny to tell you.

Poor Jay Someone Who Shall Not Be Named.

He couldn't win this weekend.

We had a date night planned with our good friends Ty & Jordan last night.

We went to Cinnebarre for a movie.

It was the perfect excuse to dress up a bit.

But, guess who decided to "help" with the laundry?

You know, put a load into the washer literally 20 minutes before walking out the door?

Guess who also decided to put EVERY pair of jeans I own {that fit me} into said load?

Any guesses?

To protect the offender's identity, I'll just say it wasn't me.

Or Cooper.

Cooper didn't do it either.

Anyway, I got to wear FREAKIN SWEATS to our fun date night last night.

I was THRILLED about it.

I obviously didn't let it ruin my night, but I may have made jokes about my awesome sweats a few times.

I would also like to point out what a great friend Jordan is.

She came out of her house wearing skinny jeans and adorable new boots.

When she saw me wearing sweats and heard what happened, she ran back into her house and put sweats on too.

Love her.

* * * * * * * * * * *

So now onto today.

Last night I picked the ONLY ripe tomatoes we have from our little garden.

I am trying a new recipe for dinner and need several cherry tomatoes.


This morning I came downstairs to start cooking ...

and guess where the tomatoes are?

Any guesses?

In some one's stomach.

That's where.

And it's not my stomach.

Or in Cooper's either.


He The Offender just can't win!

To make a long story short ...
  • All my clothes are clean for tomorrow
  • I'm not cooking tonight
  • I love my husband ... he has the best intentions and gives me great material for my blog
  • I'm not very good at keeping identities private


Kelly M said...

Oh Lisa, this is really funny! We have an unspoken rule in our house that cherry tomatoes are fair game for snacking. I only pick them right before I need them for a recipe if I'm going to use them. It's the only way to keep them "safe" for the meal!

jordan said...

This is so hilarious!! Love you guys and thanks for the shout out. You would have done it for me :-)