Tuesday, September 21, 2010

princess {flower}

We have found the most beautiful flower for our baby.

We went to Flower World last Saturday and spent the sunny afternoon looking for the perfect plant to remember our sweet Peanut.

This plant was the first one we saw, and we knew it was "the one," though we still walked around enjoying each other's company and the gorgeous weather.

Thank you God for that beautiful afternoon.

Here is our pretty flower.

It's called a Princess Flower.

Perfect for a baby I thought would be a girl.

It's a tropical plant, which blooms the most delicate and beautiful flowers Spring through Winter.

We both fell in love with it the second we saw it.

It's Monday now, and I seem to be left with a hole in my heart.

A longing to hold my babies in my arms.

I continue to grieve and heal.

But each day without our babies is so heartbreaking.

Sure, there are good days.

There are even GREAT days.

There are days I forget for a brief moment, and I don't remember the pain until the calm of the evening comes.

But there are also days like today.

When you feel like you're in a valley.

Where a song brings you to tears.

A thought alters the course of your day.

And you're left with a sadness only you can fill.

But you're not quite sure how.


Your mama loves you baby girl.

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Suzi said...

Oh Lisa, I wish I could just hug you up and make all your pain go away. Love you, girl.