Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grocery Store + Hungry = Random Purchase

So ... I totally know the rule: Don't go to the grocery store hungry.

But tonight, I couldn't help it. I worked in my classroom after school and didn't want to make dinner. I knew I had stuff to make a salad, so I thought I'd quickly stop and get some salad shrimp.

As I unloaded my hand-basket onto the checkout belt, I couldn't help but notice the randomness of my purchases:

- A pack of Light String Cheese
- A bottle of white wine
- 1/2 lb of salad shrimp (only item I was really shopping for)
- Pack of gum (yep, impulse item at check-out stand)
- A bag of pretzels (I craved them last night, and to be prepared in case the craving came back)
- Two 1/2 gallons of Organic Milk (this is a random purchase for me. I hardly drink milk. I'm still mulling over this particular purchase)

Items I looked at but didn't actually buy:
- Chicken breasts (why am I looking at these? I'm eating a shrimp salad tonight!)
- Cottage Cheese
- Corn on the Cob
- Salmon
- Turkey for sandwiches

I suppose it could be worse. But still.


Eve said...

Hey your list looks really good to me. I can never go to the store and buy just milk without walking out of there with at least 5 to 10 other items and that would be considered a good night for me!

Melaine said...

How funny that I was buying random items at the gorcery store last night on an empty stomach too! Bad idea! I ended up getting hummus, artesian bread, avocado, cottage cheese, yogurt and coffee creamer. Only went in for the bread, but everything looked so good! We're hopeless...

Kristen said...

I also regret the LIGHT string cheese . . . it is so not as good.

Jodie Howerton said...

At least you didn't buy chocolate, lard, or Doritos....All temptations for me. Oh, and Twizzlers.....