Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kids Say The Darnest

Well looky, looky.

I was grading papers tonight and came across this gem. 

This is from the infamous 'cylinders' lesson (why does this draw so much attention?). 

This students wrote: can, Clorox wipe and wine cap as the cylinders he sees around the room. 

Too funny.

The best part ... we actually DID have wine caps in the classroom. I asked children to bring in 3D objects they find at home for us to make a "Shapes Museum" in our classroom, and one student brought in a bunch of wine corks.


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Linda Vujnov said...

Isn't recess the perfect moment to induldge in a glass of wine? Could you imagine? I'm sure that in the 70's that occured. My husband recalls teachers that wreaked [sp?] of alcohol.