Monday, May 12, 2008

Sick Day

I'm home from work today. 

I had the flu all weekend. I mean the type of flu where you can't stop throwing up and even though you're almost 32 years old, you still want your mommy.

That type of flu.

It's only 1:35 pm and I'm already bored. REALLY bored. 

Though I'm not throwing up anymore, my body is exhausted from all of it's um ... 'activities' this weekend. I slept for 20 hours yesterday. Jay had to come upstairs and see if I was still breathing. I woke up to his hand on my back at one point. I murmured an "I'm feeling better" and quickly went back to sleep. While drifting back to la-la-land, I heard him say, "Just checking" as he walked out the room. 

I think he thought I was dead.

We had to postpone our Mother's Day celebration. My mom is also sick in bed with a cold she's had all week. I feel terrible about not seeing her on Mother's Day. Out of all the mothers in the world, she deserves the biggest and best Mother's Day of all!

I've been in bed all day stressing about all the homework I have for SPU that is due next Wednesday. Don't get me started on my homework (the state makes teachers do it to keep up our certification and I have VERY strong feelings about it). 

People have been known to be sorry for bringing up the topic of teacher certification with me.

At any rate, this Saturday is my birthday ... and I refuse to do homework on my birthday weekend, so I'm trying to get it done this week.

However, here is a list of things I've done (so far today) to procrastinate:
1. Slept til 9:45 (why not ... all you have in front of you is day of homework).
2. Ate a bowl of Raisin Brand (probably not the best bet for my queasy tummy ... but I've already eaten an entire box of Saltene Crackers this weekend so I needed something interesting).
3. Flossed, brushed and mouth washed.
4. Watched The Today Show
5. Watched The Ellen DeGeneres Show
6. Walked outside (in my PJ's) to look at my plants. How are my bulbs coming? How many broke ground overnight? Does anything need watering? Oh man, I really need to weed! Etc.
7. Thought about mowing the lawn, then came to my senses. This is my first day out of bed, why would I think mowing my lawn would be the next logical step?
8. Read the grocery store ads in the paper. Made notes of which stores has things on sale that I need.
9. Clipped coupons from the ads sections of yesterday's paper.
10. Emailed my co-worker: asked her to do afternoon parent pickup duty for me.
11. Cleaned Cooper's ears (here's where I start getting really desperate for things to do).
12. Took my toe-nail polish off, cut my toenails.
13. Walked around my house and noticed that my carpets need vacuuming.
14. Thought about playing my Wii, then realized how much energy that would take.
15. Let ex-husband into house to pick up some mail. Listen to him make comments about how pale I am, let that roll off my shoulders.
16. Cuddle with Cooper.
17. Channel surf.
18. Make myself turn off the TV
19. Write this blog
20. Start on SPU homework ...


Jodie Howerton said...

AH, stomach flu is the worst. Hope you are feeling better! I'd rather have just about anything other than the puking....

Ashley Julian said...

I hope your feeling better now!