Monday, May 5, 2008

Inside-Out Rainbow

I'm a 1st grade teacher. I should know how to draw a rainbow.

I don't.

I learned today.

For my ENTIRE life, I've drawn a rainbow with the red on the INSIDE.

No one has EVER corrected me. I LOVE THAT!

The first clue that something was amiss was last week when one of my students said my rainbow was 'inside-out." I argued back with him, insisting that my way was the right way.

How was I to know any different?

My second clue came this morning when I walked into Veronica's Kindergarten class. She has a rainbow made out of the kid's hand-print on her front window.

"Weird" I thought. Maybe I'm missing something. Why does Veronica have her rainbow inside-out? Surely she should know, she teaches Kindergarten after all!

Is the joke on me? Am I on Candid Camera today?

I walked into Veronica's room and wearily said, "Please tell me your rainbow is inside-out." She gave me an odd look ... and I knew right then and there ... at the age of 31 ... I have just learned how to correctly draw a rainbow.

Now all I can think of is all the places I've incorrectly drawn a rainbow in my classroom.

You know what ... I'm gonna go with it though. I'm creative. I'm different. I make my own rules.

Plus, it took 31 years for someone to point out I was wrong. So maybe I'll just see how long it takes for someone else to notice!


Joe said...

roy g biv or red orange yellow green blue indigo violet. One of the few things I remember from school.

Jodie Howerton said...


Was Mrs. Mayfield your teacher in 1st grade? that's where I learned Roy GBiv..