Friday, May 2, 2008

The Value Of A Dollar

In Math yesterday, I taught the value of a dollar. A dollar equals 100 pennies, 20 nickles, 10 dimes, or 2 quarters.

But it's equals a whole lot more to a group of 7-year olds.

I asked the kids this simple question: What can you buy with one dollar?

Here are some of their answers:
1. A Match Box or Hot Wheels car before tax (I was then informed that a Match Box car is .97 and a Hot Wheels car is .99 ... before tax of course)
2. A tennis racket
3. Nascar Jeff Gordon car (but then another student spoke up and said, "No, at the Evergreen Speedway they are like eight dollars!")
4. A box of crayons
5. Something at the dollar store (love that!)
6. A lunch box
7. A donut
8. Hot Wheels Speed Gun (apparently this is a toy that measures the speed of your Match Box/Hot Wheels cars). Can you tell I have a lot of boys? I'm learning so much!
9. Kite or bowling game
10. Weights for working out

I then said, "It's so weird, because when I was little, you could buy SO MUCH MORE for one dollar!"

One of my kids piped up and said, "That's because of the Industrial Revolution change. Especially in Canada."

Love that kid.

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Robert D said...

Woooooooohooooo Canada dans la maison!

If you ever need change just let me know. I'll give you not two, but THREE quarters for your dollar. :)