Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chap Stick Like an Oak Tree

I love the things my students say. Here is one from today ...

Cafeteria conversation ....

Student: Ms. Diederichs, I have some lip stick that smells really good.
Me: Oh ... cool! What does it smell like?
Student: It smells like a fresh oak tree branch
Me: Oh wow ... how do you know what a fresh oak tree branch smells like?
Student: Well, I don't really, I only imagine it.

And then in the classroom ...
Student: Do you want me to show you that lip stick I was telling you about?
Me: Absolutely!
Student (taking the lid off and making me smell it): See! A fresh oak tree branch!
Me: Indeed. Delish!

Note to reader: It was the Melon Medley (green) chap stick in the Fruit Smoothies pack. You know ... in case you wanted your lips to smell like a fresh oak tree branch.

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