Friday, January 23, 2009

Letters To The President

On Inauguration Day, the kids wrote letters to our new president.

I found a great unit about the government online at

The format for the letter was:
Dear Mr. President:

Congratulations, President Obama! I read about how Presidents help run the country.

One thing I think you should do for America is ___________.

I think this is important because ___________.

Sincerely, _____________
I just love the imaginations and creative of 6 year-old children. Here are some of my favorite letters.

One thing I think you should do for America is:
  • ... make America a better place and make America nicer because we don't want people to get hurt or shot.
  • ... help the world be better because everyone is equal.
  • ... raise money for schools because you are making America a better place.
  • ... ban robbers from the country because people need their stuff.
  • ... tell people not to hurt animals because some animals are nice enough to help the world.
  • ... to stop the war because I do not want people to die.
  • ... make sure that everybody is OK because everybody should be OK.
  • ... for everyone to be happy like Martin Luther King Jr. because everyone needs you, and hope and love.
  • ... run the country because if we didn't have a president the world won't be a better place.
  • .... don't let people cut down trees because animals live there.
I'm mailing them off to the White House next week (anyone know the address?).

We'll see if we get a response!

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Eve said...

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

P.S. I like the changes you made to your blog. :)