Monday, January 5, 2009

They Fit

You know when you see someone and you think, "Man ... she would look way better if her pants were just one size bigger." -- (or maybe you don't, but I do -- and if you say you don't, maybe you're not being honest).

Well, I'm (not-so) happy to report:

I'm that girl today.

Let's just say that I didn't hold anything back in the eating department this holiday season.

Cookies? Sure! Ice cream? Yep! An extra helping? Why not! Pizza for breakfast? I'll try anything! The 4th cookie for dessert? Why not, it's Christmas! Macaroni & cheese w/hot dogs? Yummers! (oh yes, so true!). The one-millionth Peppermint Mocha? Love it! Cheesy nachos for an afternoon snack? You bet!

You can only imagine how apprehensive I was about putting my work clothes back on this morning. Or maybe you can imagine it. Where you feeling the same way?

But ... I was pleased as punch that my khakis fit this morning.

Now let's get something straight ...

They fit ... but they're tight.

They fit ... but barely.

They fit ... but I'm terrified to sit down.

They fit ... but I dare not breath deeply (shallow breaths are best for not expanding the waistline).

They fit ... but I may bust a button at any minute.

They fit ... but they're shorter (you know ... because of excess hip cargo).

Maybe all those fitness/buy our product/exercise more/eat these foods/have them delivered to you house for 3 easy payments/buy now, don't delay - infomercials are telling me something.


Just maybe.

But for now ... they fit.

P.S. If you need me, I'll be on my treadmill.


Jessie said...

Haha! DANG this was me too!!! I feel like a sausage packed in! But no way am I gonna get more pants! Haha I will wear a big big sweater to cover the booty!

Suzi said...

Dude, I totally hear ya on the "shorter because of excess hip cargo"! That happens to me too! I hate it!

Eve said...

Oh I can't relate at all, I'm just sitting here with my jeans unzipped!!!

becky said...

Two words ---LONG SHIRTS!!!pot

marisabutterworth said...

you're hilarious. i'm way past muffin top. i just went ahead and got the size up a while ago :)