Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Africa Pictures ...

More pictures from Africa ...

Indian Ocean - Durban, South Africa

The kids loved interviewing us. They asked such wonderful questions. "Lisa, so you're a teacher, what made you want to be a teacher?" "Why did you want to come here, so far away from home, to see us?"

Beautiful ...

Our last day. One last group picture at a market in Durban before Natalie and I leave for the states and the rest leave for a safari to be nearly eaten by an elephant. (l to r) Natalie, myself, Jodie, Tami, Kelly, Jonathan, Kinsey. Random side-story ... I wore my Obama t-shirt (in this picture) on the airplane on the way home. While going through security in the airport in Johannesburg, the security personnel CHEERED for my shirt. It was pretty funny!)

My heroes ... the entire iThemba Lethu crew ... (with our group scattered about the picture). The change they make in children's lives is close to unspeakable. Words are not enough to explain their impact on the young adults of Durban. I am in awe of everything they do.

Leading worship. Natalie, myself, Jonathan.

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