Thursday, January 15, 2009

MTV Cribs - Dishwasher Edition

I used to think it was really cool when you got to look in the refrigerator of a famous person's house on MTV Cribs.

It was like a little glimpse into their lives. Never mind that it was all staged.

I loved seeing what they ate and drank!

This morning as I was putting away my cereal bowl, I noticed that my dishwasher was a lot like the refrigerators of famous Hollywood stars.

You can tell exactly how I live ...

  • Many cereal bowls due to my daily breakfast
  • A few plates left over from dinner
  • Assortment of silverware used to prepare & consume said meals
  • A plethora of wine glasses
  • NO drinking glasses because I always use my water bottle
  • NO pots or pans because I try to limit the amount of times my dishwasher gets used ... those babies are hand-washed
In summary ... I eat cereal and drink wine.

* Cooper is fully aware that he is NOT allowed to lick dirty dishes. In this particular picture, he is totally taking advantage of the fact that I'm busy doing something else while he sneaks in for a quick lick.


Carlee Avery said...

Ummm, those are huge cereal bowls!

Linda Vujnov said...

But, do you wash your dishes before sticking them in the diswasher?

Lisa said...

YES! because my mom made us do that growing up!


Jodie Howerton said...

Scout TOTALLY licks the dirty it super bad that I think it's actually helpful???