Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Father's Day

Ah ... Father's Day.

This year, the kids wrote a book for their fathers. They dedicated their book to their dads, wrote 2 ways they were the same and 2 ways there were different. The final line is: "Sometime we are the same. Sometimes we are different. But we'll always be father and son/daughter."

Here are some of my favorite responses:

I dedicate this book to my dad because ...
1. He buys me video games
2. He likes to talk on his cellphone alone outside. For 1 thing.
3. He loves me
4. Because he is the best dad a boy can have
5. He rocks!

My dad likes to ... Just like me!
1. Play soccer
2. Play video games
3. Watch the sports channel
4. Go camping
5. Go to Lake Chelan
6. Go fishing
7. Play Clue

My dad likes to .... Not Like Me
1. Web surf
2. Take naps
3. Eat meatball sandwiches
4. Check emails
5. Buy stuff (see picture of car driving up to Best Buy for visual reference)
5. Likes guns
6. Likes beer (AWESOME! See picture of dad-figure drinking from a long-necked green bottle. I'm thinking it's Rolling Rock.)
7. Try new movies (see picture; is that a gun or a cigarette? Either way ... kinda disturbing)
8. Mow the lawn (I have a feeling dads don't really 'like' to do this!)
9. Watch Cops
10. Go to work (he does?)
11. Eat double burgers from Jack-In-The-Box
12. Eat gross food

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there ... especially mine.

I Love You
By, Lisa Diederichs

I dedicate this book to my dad. The best dad a girl could ask for. My name is Lisa. I have a dad. His name is Steve. My dad likes to watch sunsets. Just like me! My dad likes to go out on the boat. Just like me! My dad likes to buy CD's. Not like me. My dad likes pineapple on his cheeseburgers. Not like me. Sometimes we are the same. Sometimes we are different. But we will always be Father and Daughter.

Love you Daddy. Happy Father's Day!

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Eve said...

So FUNNY and even sweeter!

Our dad's are very special and I was such a lucky girl to have my loving dad for almost 33 years.

Happy Father's Day to all!