Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nuts For Dessert?

My grade-level partner is the best. I love her. We have a wonderful friendship that is somewhere between mother-daughter (each of us always switching the roles we play) and sisters. She makes teaching fun, new and exciting. It's so nice to have a teaching partner that you care so much about. 

Bich, (pronounced: beak) came to the United States well over twenty years ago from Vietnam. She is a wonderfully kind and caring teacher. One of the things I love about Bich is that she's always asking questions. If she doesn't understand something that someone says, later, she'll come and ask me to explain it to her.

I love that she's always eager to learn.

One thing I've learned from Bich is that I (apparently) use a lot of idioms when I talk. I never realized this until I started working with her. She's constantly asking, "What does that mean?" "Can you explain what you just said?"

I'll give you some examples of the idioms I've had to explain:
  • not out of the woods
  • in the same boat
  • cat got your tongue
  • a blessing in disguise
  • doubting Thomas
  • a piece of cake
  • a taste of your own medicine
  • actions speak louder then words
  • pot calling the kettle black
I could go on and on.

Well, when Bich and I were in our workshop today, the instructor threw out an idiom that I've never heard. 

My mind exploded with curiosity. So this is what Bich feels like! 

Very exciting!

She said, "Everything is there for you ... from the soup to the nuts."

What the heck? What does that mean? Does anyone know?

Someone told me is meant you had/have everything you need ... like a meal. From the appetizer (soup) to dessert (nuts).

But who wants nuts for dessert?


Eve said...

I've never heard that one before.

Mary Diederichs said...

In my life, dessert always comes first, but never with nuts. Unless on top of chocolate cake and/or ice cream.

Jodie Howerton said...

Hmmm...that's a new one. I always wonder how stuff like that makes it in to mainstream, everyday culture.....