Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day of Accomplishments

I feel very accomplished today.

Here was my schedule:
7:00 am Wake up because I'm WAY anxious about my big job today: legally change my name

7:15 Feed Cooper, feed myself, shower

8:20 Call Comcast while driving to the Social Security office. Get my internet hooked back up ... get a good deal and feel very good about it!

8:50 Arrive ten minutes before SS office opens. Other people show up after me. I start feeling territorial over the fact that I was first (which is very out of character for me ... but I'm embracing my feelings today). I get out of my car and start "the line" for when they open up. Try to start a conversation with a man I quickly learn is deaf.

8:55 Feel awesome about myself that I'm first in line (cheap thrills!). Check in with myself. How am I feeling? Sad? Nervous? Nope, neither really ... still relishing in my "first in line" status. Laugh at how pathetic I am. I really do enjoy being first in line right now. Embracing that feeling.

9:00 SS office opens. Changing your name is surprisingly easy. Give them your ID, your divorce decree, a few click on the computer, and you're done. I even ask "Is that it?" Hmmm ... why did I wait so long? This step turns out to be very anticlimactic.

9:07 Drive to the mall to the Apple store. 

9:13 Arrive at Apple. Make an appointment for 9:15 at the Genius Bar (things are really going my way today). Get a new battery for my laptop. My laptop is truly a laptop now. I've procrastinated for over a year with a battery that doesn't hold a charge. Oh, forgot the best part, my new battery is free because my ex-husband bought me the extended warranty. YES!

9:32 Buy an Apple router for my new internet. Hurray!

9:45 Start driving home. Now that my name is changed, I can go to the DMV to get my new lisence. Roll my eyes thinking about how long the wait is at the DMV. Think about doing it on Friday instead. Car drives itself to DMV. Today must be the way for this too!

10:00 Arrive at DMV. Get my number. I'm number 57. They're on 30. Great. Wish I would have charged my IPod so I could entertain myself with Solitaire. Go out to car and get my book.

10:00 - 11:45 Wait for my number to be called. Never even open my book. The DMV is a way good people-watching location. I'm in heaven. A 4-year old and her mom sit in front of me. We chat the entire time. 

11:45 My number is called. Hallelujah!

11:46 The dude behind the counter punches my old license and checks my stats. Still at the same address? Check. Still 5' 3"? Check. Still 120 pounds? WHAT THE?!? Yah, when I was sixteen. Since I'm really working on feeling my emotions today, I embrace this opportunity to also embrace The Truth. I say, "How about we get a little closer to the truth. Let's bump that number up to 130." I say a little closer ... baby steps people.

11:50 Get my picture taken for my ID. Oh jeez ... I look huge. The woman behind the camera giggles at my reaction, sympathize and lets me take another one. The second picture looks the same. Hmmm. Acknowledge and accept my bad attitude and negative self-talk. Accept the image before me. Say, thanks, and leave. 

12:05 pm Drive to Sushi Zen and meet Jay for lunch. Is it possible to be this hungry? Inhale my Bento Box. Drive home.

1:00 I lay down on the couch. This is the last thing I remember until 3:00. My friends with kids do not let me tell them when I take a nap because they get insanely jealous. I apologize to all of them for posting a blog which includes a 2-hour nap.

3:30 My neighbor Joe (aka friend, internet whizz, computer know-it-all, life-saver) comes over to hook up my internet for me. He brings Jadin (his son) with him. Jay and I babysit and play with Jadin while Joe works on my internet. I bake brownies for Joe and his family; my payment for all his help (which isn't nearly enough to show how appreciative I am).

6:00 Jay leaves for a movie with his friends. Invites me to go along but I say no ... I'm too excited to get my internet up-and-running and blog all night due to withdrawals symptoms related to not having internet at my house for six months. 

7:30 Internet is hooked up. Joe and I play a quick game of Wii Bowling. I kick his butt (I only say this because it's the first time I've even come close to his score). I told you things were going my way today! Eat one of Joe's brownies and drink straight from the milk carton. Yum.

7:50 Sit down and relish in my bliss. My internet is speedy-quick, and I'm back to blogging at home. 

9:00 Realize it's 9:00 and I haven't had dinner yet. Brownies have tied me over. Post this blog.

Life Is Good.


Eve said...

Good for you!

Tell us about this good deal you got from Comcast...

Eve said...

Oh and I love the part about the extended warranty from your ex - how perfect!

Joe said...

YES! My life is complete. I have made it into one of Lisas blogs! Here's an LOL for you since I know how much you love the phrase LOL!