Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When We Left Earth

If you haven't seen When We Left Earth yet ... you haven't fully experienced life.

Ok, maybe not that dramatic ... but close! I am totally, 100% addicted to this series. I've watched them all, twice! I feel very NASA-smart and have learned so much!

When We Left Earth is a series of amazing documentaries, following all the NASA missions, redone in HD. The footage is breathtaking and very informative.

Please take my advice and watch them . I promise you won't be disappointed.

How to find the series (I think ... I'm doing this from memory):
  1. Go to On Demand on your TV
  2. Click on TV Entertainment
  3. Click on Discovery Networks
  4. Click on NASA Missions
  5. Click on When We Left Earth


Linda Vujnov said...

You and I think the same. Read my blog and see why!

Eve said...

Oh we will have to check this out. I love the Discovery channel!