Monday, June 9, 2008

I Am ...

In awe.







One step closer to Africa.

My garage sale was a HUGE success. My goal was to raise $300 and I ended up raising $832.

Thank you to Veronica, Jay, my dad and Danny who came and supported me by helping to sort, set up, sell items (Danny, I still can't believe you got that woman to buy that crib mattress!), go on a lunch-run, and clean-up.

Mom ... words can't describe how much your work means to me. You helped set-up, spent the night, baked brownies, stayed the entire day and were a super-seller. The best part though ... we had so much fun together. Wasn't it fun meeting new people and raising money for an amazing cause?!?

Thank you to all the families who selflessly donated items ... many kids have new toys to play with and new clothes to wear! A special thank you to my students (and their parents) who visited my garage sale. It was fun to see you outside of school. I am very touched that you took time out of your busy Saturday to come over.

I am still in awe of how much I raised. I think my brother said it best:
"I'm actually not surprised to be honest. I kind of felt like there was the presence of an angel looking over your home today, leading people toward your house! Sissy, you are embarking on a magnificent journey and one day soon you can repay the favor to God and be that angel for those children in Africa. Love you and I am very proud of you!"
Danny ... I couldn't have said it better myself!

Thank you everyone!


marisabutterworth said...

So cool, Lisa. I love that your brother calls you Sissy. Mine calls me that too... Very sweet.

Sarah Markley said...

so glad it was successful!

Eve said...

Lisa that is so wonderful!!

neely mcqueen said...

that is freaking amazing! you must of had some great stuff!

Jodie Howerton said...

Wow...that's all I can think of to say. Amazing that God is taking your fears and turning them into victories...Seriously, I'm so excited!!!!!

Linda Vujnov said...

That is the best Lisa. I'm glad that you were not selling the "cylander" pictures from your students.