Monday, June 9, 2008

Sushi & Substitutes

Ah ... the joys of teaching.

I hear funny/peculiar things every day.

Take today for example:

Student: Ms. D ... have you ever been to Blue C Sushi?
Me: Yes. Have you?
Student: Yes, it's a great place. I think it's cool how you can just pull anything you want off that conveyor belt.
Me: Do you like sushi?
Student: No, I like their sesame noodles. Have you ever had them? I love them. They are dynamite!
Me (holding back a smile ... I just love his vocabulary): I'm glad you like those so much. Did you try any sushi?
Student: I tried the California rolls (pausing to think), but sadly, I only liked the rice.

Or this for example (same student by the way ... he was really on a roll today):

Me: Okay cuties (talking to entire class), I'll see you tomorrow. Don't forget, I'll have a sub, but I'll be pulling you out to have you read to me.
Student: I hope the sub isn't bad.
Me: Oh my ... me too!
Student: Because for some reason, subs just keep getting dumber and dumber the more I meet.

Hmmm ... yah ... not sure it's the subs I'm worried about.

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