Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Easy Entertainment

This is what begging for an Otter Pop looks like.
Can you see the lust in his eyes? We wants some so bad!
And sweet relief (no ... he didn't eat that entire Otter Pop).

This cooler entertained Jadin and Cooper for a good thirty minutes. Jadin kept offering Cooper, Diet Cokes.Hmm ... now he's pulling out beer. I'm questioning my morality at this point. At least he's too young to know what it is.
Offering me a Bud Lite. No thanks Jadin. I don't drink and babysit at the same time. :)
I love you buddy. 

I'll babysit you any time ... if you're mom and dad will still let me after seeing this post.

1 comment:

Eve said...

The beer was funny but my favorite picture is the first one because they are BOTH begging for the otter pop! Too cute.