Monday, July 7, 2008

Weighing the Consequences

Well ... we're almost back from our trip. We're back in Spokane at Jay's parent's house, and heading home today. More info and thoughts about our trip when we make it back to Seattle.

Here is my thought for the morning though ...

I was thinking about this a lot on our trip. Bug spray can't be good for you. I mean ... it just can't. If drinking out of plastic water bottles isn't good for you ... bug spray isn't either.

Anything that repels bugs, can't be good for your body. I sprayed some on my body our first night up at the cabin (because everyone else was, and they said that's just what they do when they're up at the cabin).

Who am I to argue? I'm the new girl.

Oh ... I should back up. I was with Jay's entire family up at PendO'rielle River for their family reunion which is always over the 4th of July weekend. We all had a blast (which is why there are many more stories to come) and came home exhausted. We played hard.

Ok, back to bug spray ...

Before I went to sleep on night #1, I proceeded to 'baby wipe' my entire body to rid it of the bug spray residue. Again ... I'm taking that as a sign that bug spray is not a good thing.

So ... on morning #2, when everyone was spraying themselves ... I didn't. I had to weigh out the consequences of not spraying myself, with the consequences of spraying myself.

Not spraying myself won. I would suffer with mosquito bites, before spraying myself with bug spray.

I received no mosquito bites on day #2 and felt excellent about my secret ban on bug repellent. Maybe that's because bug spray mist landing in my Diet Coke without me knowing it and I swallowed some of it before realizing it was in there. I'm thinking on day #2, the spray I swallowed was working from within my body. Who knows?!?

Day #3 proved to be another story (my body is a mosquito-bite war zone). With that said, I still felt great about not using it on day #3 when I showered. Because no matter how many times I washed (scrubbed) my body ... I still left the shower with a thin waxy residue on my body.

Again ... another sign.

So ... I encourage you to weigh the consequences of your actions, before doing something 'because everyone else is.'

P.S. I hope I don't get Malaria or West Nile.

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Carlee Avery said...

On the 4th I went bug spray-free too! I've even thought of making your own - is that possible? I figure you can make any kind of "good for the planet" cleaning supply... I'll look into it!