Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fun In The Sun

I watched Joe & Jeruschia's son today while they ran errands (way faster & easier without a 1-year old with you!). We had so much fun together and I took a ton of pictures of our exciting day.

We had been spraying Cooper with the hose and Jadin did not like it when I put it away. He watched me coil it back up ... then went over to assess the situation for himself (notice his wet hair).
He quickly started to uncoil it. His right arm is doing the sign for "please." Too cute.
He got the hose unraveled (he did that all on his own while I happily stood there giggling and taking pictures) and turned around to look at Cooper. He wanted water to be coming out of that hose so bad!
Since Cooper wasn't coming to him ... Jadin went right up to Cooper. Now it's Cooper who desperately wants water to be coming out of the hose.
At this point, I put the camera away and turned the water back on. How can you say 'no' to such a determined little boy?

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Sarah Markley said...

way cute. i agree: anything is easier without a one-year-old.