Monday, July 28, 2008

My Intent

So ... I'm not a runner at all. In fact, I only run if someone is chasing me ... and even then, I usually give-in.

But I've been thinking about running a lot lately. A lot of my friends run, and I totally admire them for that. 

I think it's hard. They push themselves.

Yesterday, I thought, "Why can't I push myself?" Why do I think it's cool for everyone else but me to do it?

So ... today I got online and downloaded a 5k training schedule (I'm starting of slow here people).

Here's the best part though ... it's called The-Couch-To-5K Running Plan.

Isn't that a funny name! It totally grabbed me. Because compared to people who do run ... I am a couch potato.

I just finished training day #1 and all is good.

I didn't die. It wasn't as hard as I thought.

Just wait and see ... I might sign up to run my first 5k ever!


Jodie Howerton said...

You GO, girl!!!!!!!!!

Eve said...

That's awesome Lisa!

I remember when I ran my first 5k (it's been so long now, I would need your new plan)- I wasn't racing against anyone but myself and it just felt so good to make it to the finish line.

Have fun!

Kris said...

OMG. I can so do this. I AM so doing this. Thanks for posting this, Lisa! :)