Monday, July 28, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmmm ...

Jay and I spent a really nice long weekend with his family in Spokane and got back really late last night. We didn't want to leave. 

We got home at 1:30 am.

After unloading the car (Jay actually did that, I didn't do a thing), going through the mail (I did this!), running around opening windows in my hot house, I cozied into bed around 2:30 am.

I couldn't sleep.

I turned on the light and grabbed whatever was on top of my night stand (from the weekend's mail). I opened up the Everett Community College Fall 2008 Class Schedule pamphlet. I decided not to recycle it right away earlier in the night since I'm trying to cram in 9 credits of classes this summer to keep my teaching certificate up-to-date. I thought, "Huh, you never know, maybe they'll have a class I can take?!?"

Anyway, I was blown away with the wide range of classes a community college offers. 

I had no idea.

I actually laughed out loud at some of them.

Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Flagger Certification (for construction, I'm guessing)
  • An Introduction To Modeling For Ordinary People (My favorite class offered. Hands down. I'm still giggling about this one. Who takes this class? And how sad that if you're in this class, you've labeled yourself as "ordinary.")
  • Awakening The Goddess Within (LOVE IT!)
  • Past Life Regression: Believe It Or Not! (That's the actual course title!)
  • Make Your Own Biodiesel!
  • An Introduction To Voiceovers: Getting started in voice acting
  • EBay Selling (I have always wondered how to use EBay!)
  • Finding The Right Hairstyle (I can't stand it ... I want to register for this one just to see what it's like!)
  • Iaido - Classical Japanese Swordsmanship (I can actually visualize the person who would take this class ... still wonder about the above classes though.)
They didn't have any classes I could take for my teaching certificate ... but it was worth looking through the pamphlet for a good laugh.

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Carlee Avery said...

This kills me!! You know - I HAVE always wondered how I should wear my hair....